Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spirit of the Hills

The Old Man next looked to the Rolling Hills.
Ahhhh...... to communicate with the Spirit of the Hills, I will need my crystal.

Spirit of the Hills (as we all know) is older than the Old Man.
Older than the lakes and rivers.
Older than the trees and flowers.
As old as Time.

Dwelling deep within the Hills, he is Keeper of the Earth.
Rarely does he see the light of day.

As the Old Man gazes into the Crystal, the form of a Unicorn appears.
"Magical Unicorn," calls the Old Man. "Are you the Spirit of the Hills?"
The Unicorn stamps its foot, and points its magical horn downward.
Something is written in the Earth.

The Old Man scrunches up his eyes and scratches his head.
I can't see anything, he thinks to himself.
Then slowly, gradually, the writing in the Earth becomes clear.
Chuckling to himself, he picks up his pen and writes in his Book of Wisdom.


Smalltown RN said...

I like that very much....

Wendy said...

Thank you - stay tuned!

Grammy said...

This is intriguing, I have read it now 3 times. As I some times do not comprehend, But I see now that the words are untold. So I await the wisdom he wrote in his book. Or am I to ponder and find the knowledge to appear to me one day? When I am worthy.

Wendy said...

Dear Grammy - you are worthy. Now and every day you are worthy. I like to write and make the reader think. Sometimes the words comes to them. Sometimes not.
With this and the previous one, I am channelling. I just look at the picture and type whatever comes out.
That being said, I am now planning 2 more Old Man posts. See if you can figure out the element that binds them together.

CIELO said...

It feels wonderful coming here... Home of the Fairies, since I'm a fairy, I'm at home here! ;) Enchanting....


Mary said...


Loved this! I'm so glad you visited my Writing Nook or I would have missed this. Excellent. I look forward to more...


Wendy said...

Hi Cielo, I am glad you feel at home here. I do at your blog too.

Wendy said...

Hi Mary, thank you. I like your Writing Nook too.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
This is fun.
Thank you!
Sherry, of the Swans