Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The faeries had a party last night......

.....and sprinkled powdered sugar over everything.... Oh, they are naughty.....Spring was here only yesterday....

Stone door is really an entrance to the Otherworld.....

Powdered sugar frosting the evergreens.....turning them into a delicious delicacy....

The skirt of this ancient oak tree is covered in white powdery icing sugar. I think the faeries overdid it this time, don't you?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have heard from a book publisher!
They want to publish my book!!!

Yippeeeeee - I am over the moon!!!

I started writing Reading Between The Lines about 15 years ago. Put it down, picked it up, life happened, etc. etc. Send it off to a publisher 9 years ago. Got rejected. Sent it off to another one. Same story. Gave up.

Over the past year, I'd begun looking at publishers once again.
Well, yesterday, I got the good news! It will take time.
My book will come out in about a year and a half.
But the process has begun!
I am sooooooo happy!!

I started writing articles on palmistry for The Journal of Alternative Therapies, here in Montreal. I wrote some more for Everchanging Magazine in Burlington, Vermont. After a while, I decided to put all these articles together into a book. It did not sound right, so I did a lot of editing, and changing. I grew along with the book.

This is a healing book; a book of my experiences reading people and helping them along their pathway.
Will keep everyone posted.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Universe works in strange ways....

A couple of days ago, I chose a card from Esther and Jerry Hicks "Well-Being Cards".

The card said: I am learning that all problems resolve themselves.

The expanded version on the reverse of the card elaborated:
When you have a problem, a desire exudes forth from you,
and Source hears it
and answers immediately.

Once you remove your attention
from the problem, you then allow
the solution.

Give birth to the question
and let it go - and allow
the answer to flow.

Timely advice. And a good reminder. Especially when worrying about Hubby's health (or lack of to be more specific).

However, on that day a couple of hours after I'd pulled this card, the doorbell rang.
It was 10:00 in the morning on a week day. Who could it be?

Over the course of the past few weeks, Hubby mentioned that someone had been ringing our doorbell, usually in the afternoon, just when he was about to take his nap. It happened 3 or 4 times. He no longer has the energy to answer the door, so if I'm not home, the call of the front door bell goes unanswered.

I opened the door to a middle-aged man, who looked familiar.
"Bonjour madame, ca fait long temps!" and he continued on in french.....

Turns out he was the technician who installed new windows in our garage last summer. I'd been calling the company last fall to come back and fix a caulking problem. The caulking had separated from the window edge, leaving a couple of gaps. I was worried that cold air and water would enter the garage. Not good.
I was angry that nobody had come back to fix this problem. Yes, it was a minor problem, but I had spoken to the sales person several times, only to be reassured that somebody would be by to fix it.

Then winter arrived. Forget it - will have to wait until Spring.
I know this is just an annoying problem, but I get really angry when I feel like I'm being ignored. After all, I'd paid good money to have those windows installed. In other words, I'd done my part. Paid up in full right away. Why then can't this company do it's part and fix their error? I felt neglected. Well, next time I will just choose another company if I need any more windows installed.

So, this morning, standing on my doorstep was the man who had installed those windows (way back in August), telling me he was in the area and would now fix the gaps in the caulking.

Ha! Well, I had certainly let this problem go - over the whole winter. And in doing so, allowed the problem to resolve in its own time. Getting angry and calling the company had not worked.

And maybe two problems were resolved that morning. Was this the same man who had been ringing our doorbell?

Interesting what happens when you shift your focus.