Thursday, December 31, 2009

Full New Year's Eve Moon

Once again I set out to look for the moon this evening. I wanted to see Her soon after rising, as full as possible.

Once again, I was disappointed and turned back for home. As I was turning into my front walk, I took one last look over my shoulder.

Ah ha! There she was - shining brightly and full! As if to say "see I was here all the time. You just did not see me!"

Well, I can't see through clouds, even though you can.

What message is She bringing me? This is the second time over the past few months, that I've given up - only to turn around and find Her - shining brilliantly, full of light.

Whether clear or hazy, Mother Moon will not desert us. She is always there. We just need to see her, touch her, and believe. The words Soft come to mind, but also Communication. Soft communication? What the heck is that? I guess I'll find out in the New Year.

2010 equals the number 3 in numerology. The number of Creativity.

Let's all Create a year of happiness, love, abundance and peace.

So Mote It Be.