Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome Home, Son...

Thanks Dad. It's good to see you. It's been so long!

I know, I know. I was called away too soon by Earth's time. I'm sorry to have left you when you were in medical school, but I was needed here. Your Mother carried on for both of us.

Oh, David, my firstborn. Come let me look at you.

Mom! I've missed you!

I've been waiting for you; to help you adjust. Look over here, your grandmother wants to welcome you too.

Hi Granny! I've missed you too.

Hello David. My, you look just like you did when you were a little boy. Haven't changed a bit. But you know that from now on, you will be feeling younger and lighter as time goes on. Not Earth time, of course...

Well, I do feel much lighter. I can fly. And I can breathe......

Son, what's that light down there?

Aww, Dad......Wendy's grieving. She's lit a candle and placed it under the oak tree. Grandfather Oak she calls it. The candle is to guide me towards the light, but I didn't think I needed any help. The Light was so strong on its own.

Ah, David. Don't you know? Every prayer, every thought, every candle or light sent your way sends loving energy with it. Energy that you need to transform into your new being.
Wendy needs signs to show her that the two of you haven't lost your connection. She needs to know you are in a harmonious and peaceful place.
And you need her love and energy to guide you gently and smoothly, along your new path.
You have a lot to learn....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Opening the Portal...

A hush settled over the faerie gathering.

All activity slowed and grew silent.

"What's happening?" ventured the Young Faerie.
"Hush," admonished the Elder. "Do not stir the energies."

The Young Faerie closed her mouth and watched.
Nothing happened.
She grew restless, wanting to move. A frown from Elder stilled her movements once more.

And then she heard it. Faintly at first. A soft tinkling like tiny silver faerie bells. A shiver of sound. One by one the faeries lifted their faces towards this beautiful music. One by one each face was illuminated.... glowing..... as if lighting a room full of candles.

A soft vibration, a shimmer, rippled through the group.
It is Time Now.
Lift your voices in song.
Spread your wings in flight.
Surround this Beautiful Soul with Love as we guide him into the Afterlife.