Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Storms

A storm is coming......

Spring is here, the energy has changed. Storm clouds hover in the air, reminding us to take shelter.
Lightening, quick as a wink, crackles as it magically splinters the sky.

Deep dark rumbles can be heard overhead, as the Heavens complain about something.......

And after the storm, a refreshing rain gently cleanses Mother Earth.....

preparing the way for faeries to emerge.....and magic to begin anew.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Full March Moon

March Moon is called Windy Moon, Fish Moon, or Seed Moon.

A time for growth and new planting.
March winds howl and blow seeds around.
There are buds on trees, flowers poking up from the earth.
A time of renewal and rebirth.

In some cutures, the tides of the full moon in March are the best time for catching fish.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Recipe for Spring

A pocket full of sunshine
A barrel full of rain
We'll spin it round and round
And mix it up again.

A sprinkling of bees knees
A dandelion's fluff
Around around around again
Isn't it enough?

A shell full of tadpoles
A spoon full of flies
We'll mix it up some more until
The smoke gets in your eyes

Is the fire hot enough
To make our magic spell?
Go look inside the magic pot
But mind the dreadful smell

Birds feathers, worms eyes,
A clothespin on the line
Our cauldron is still bubbling
Our brew is mighty fine

With caterpiller's bright orange coat
And bumble bees sweet nectar
I think by now we're almost done
Please don't forget to check her

Why Goddess Cloud. She must be gray.
And really full of water.
To make spring showers tumble down
Before the sun gets hotter.

Are we done?
Asks Father Sun
It's time to send the spell
Away up high into the sky
Where springtime spirits dwell.

Just one more thing
To make this sing
Some faerie dust we'll bring
Well, hurry up
We're out of time
It's really almost Spring!

I don't have a clue where these words came from. I was out walking today in the bright sunshine. There were puddles everywhere and birds singing happily. The first verse popped into my mind and the rest just followed as I sat here at the computer.

I have to admit I started to write this post last night, but got absolutely nowhere. Everything sounded awful. And you'd think by now I'd recognize this and just let go. Eventually, I did turn off the computer, read for a bit and went to bed.

It wasn't until this afternoon on my walk that the words just came to me.
Hope with this magic spell, we'll all have an early Spring.