Friday, July 24, 2009

Beneath the surface....

my garden is alive! Alive with little beings.....
who live in their own secret world, far away from prying eyes.
Of Humans, who would want to capture them.
And put them in cages.
And study them.

Under the leaves, in the shadows, the faerie spirits dwell.
They are the ones who make magic.
They are the ones who weave the spells,
to make Our gardens grow.

They are the ones who bring magical and medicinal properties to herbs,
for healing, for changing, for growing.

Welcome them into your garden.
You won't be sorry.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Full Moon Ritual did not...

....go as planned.

I did not unearth my crystals. I did not light a candle. But I did see Mother Moon! And I did drink a glass of red wine.

It rained off and on all day. A thunderstorm at suppertime. Never did I think the sky would clear up. But it did.

I opened the door, looked half-heartedly at the sky and saw........Stars! Stars? Hey, it's cleared up! So flip-flops flopping, I hurried down the wet driveway, hoping not to run into Mr. Groundhog, or Mrs. Raccoon. Did not even think of Ms. Skunk. I would not look forward to stepping on Ms. Skunk in the dark.

Slap, slap, slap, echoed my flip-flops in the dark night. Crickets chirped, and insects droned (funny how much louder they sound in the dark). Passed by the ghostly shapes of heavy machinery at the end of my street, left over from the day's construction workers.
An innocuous line of mail-boxes hovering in the shadows, looked like a crouching creature waiting to spring.

A bat flew overhead. Oh good! First bat of the season. I like bats; they eat insects. It's been too cold here this summer for night walks - so I haven't seen any bats. Or fireflies for that matter.

Strange how cold the night air was last night. No matter. Excitedly I scanned the tree tops for a sign of Mother Moon. What laughed back at me were clouds. Clouds? Where did they come from? Why is the sky so clear overhead and yet cloudy on the horizon, just where the moon is supposed to come up??

Tough toenails! (bet you haven't heard that expression in a long time). I'm just gonna stand here until Mother Moon shows herself.
I waited.
I waited some more.
Still nothing but pesky clouds, clouding my vision.
Where or where was that darn moon, anyway?

Hmmmm, maybe it's my fault. Maybe I have the time wrong.
Turning back, I started for home.
All of a sudden I heard a car's tires crunching in the gravel behind me. Since it was pitch black, I jumped to the side of the road to avoid being hit. In doing so, I glanced back up at the sky to see.......the shining face of Mother Moon - regally ascending her throne in the sky! The clouds had parted to make way for her shining face.

Drawing down her silvery light; her powerful energy, I asked of her to grant us world peace. This is my wish - all the time. World peace - if we could ever attain that!

Yes, I stood there in the middle of the silent, dark road; hands in the Air, hoping nobody was looking out their windows, and at the same time, not really caring.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July Full Moon

Also known as Mead Moon, Hay Moon, Buck Moon, Lightening and Thunder Moon.

The energies surrounding this full moon are ones of success, happiness, and fulfilment. We are blessed with the first harvest of the season - a reward for all our hard work.
The Moon at this time brings us feelings of being connected. Connection to Spirit encourages us to first recognize blessings in our own lives, and then pay them forward - thus continuing the cycle of positive energy.

Rain is expected once again tomorrow, so I will not be able to get a good clear picture of Mother Moon. Last night I saw her briefly through the clouds. Stepped out my back door, walked down the driveway to the street in an attempt to catch Her. I wanted to see her in all her almost- full glory! But she remained elusive. Hidden.

Thinking She was hiding in the trees, I trespassed on somebody's property to see if I could find Her. Doesn't sound like much of an offence, except that I'd called Security Patrol on these neighbours one afternoon last month because they were lighting an open fire in their backyard. I was worried the wind would carry the flames and spread the fire.
As you can imagine, I did not want to be seen traipsing through the wet grass of their lawns!

All that to say, Mother Moon has been elusive this cycle. I have not felt Her power, Her magic as I normally do during these summer months.

However, a Full Moon Ritual is planned with my group of Earth Healers. For my part, I doubt that She will be visible to me, so I will see what it feels like to simply sense Her presence. I will absorb her hidden energy tomorrow night, and Listen.....

Beforehand, I will unearth my crystals and choose a few (those that feel appropriate) to use in a ritual. Lighting a candle or two always feels right. At the end, I will raise a glass of red wine to toast Her, and Listen....