Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Old Man

The Old Man sighed as he looked towards the heavens.
So many stars, so many souls.
What words of wisdom do I have to impart?
But the stars didn't answer. They just winked back at the Old Man.
They had secrets, but weren't telling.
The Old Man was patient.
He sat on the rocks and waited..
And waited..
And waited...

A gentle breeze sprang up and tickled his nose. It blew on the feather quill he was using for a pen.
The Old Man listened.
And knew what to write in his Special Book.
His Book of Wisdom.


Grammy said...

That is so special and heartfelt. Di you find the photo first or write the words and the photo appeared. I love this. And the message it imparts. Patients and wisdom. Those are both special gifts.

Wendy said...

Hi Grammy, the pic is one by Gilbert Williams. He does fanatasy art and I just love it. I usually buy his calendars just to look at the pics.
I started with the pic. Did not know what to write. Just let the thoughts come and used my fingers as a channel.
Love & Light

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Hope he tells us some of his wisdom...
So happy you are telling stories.