Friday, January 23, 2009

A Gift

Babies are Beings from the Nonphysical,
eternally coming forth
for the creation of that which they decide.

The Babies are wanting, so much,
for you to know that
All is Well.


Grammy said...

Aw, an adorable post. Hows the new little angel?

Mimi said...

Oh Wendy! I had know idea you had this little world of yours! This is lovely.

Wendy said...

Hi Grammy - the little guy is doing what little babies do. Sleeping, throwing up, fussing, pooping, but so adorable. Thanks for checking in.

Hi Mimi - ah ha! So you've found my secret haven. Welcome. Just bring some mangos, please. Oh and a bit of the ocean. LOL!

Grammy said...

Wendy I did some cartoon photos of you and the new baby. Look on my side bar under Blog Archive. It will say for Wendy. You can save them by clicking on the photo go to the larger one and right click save as. Hope you like them I could not get your hair color right.