Thursday, January 29, 2009

Falling Snow


Falling from one world to the next.
Swirling my senses.
Changing the energy. Changing the Earth.

Changing the patterns of our space, our reality, our environment.

Does falling snow add moisture to the air?
Or thick density?
Do you perceive snow as light and fluffy and fun?
Or do you have trouble breathing in the soggy, harsh air?

Do you turn your face to the heavens, enjoying the soft flakes as they dance on the tip of your nose?

Creatures of the Earth tunnel through the soft heaviness; making trails in the pure whiteness.
Playing and frolicking and having fun.
Others shiver; hidden deep in their dens, their burrows. Only venturing out when necessary - for food.

Some poor animals lose their way, floundering in its vast whiteness; on and on through the bitter cold.
Until they stop.
Utterly drained of all energy
Lying still........having surrendered their
lifeforce to the cold.



Caroline said...

Wow...that was just beautiful and a bit sad...but very true.

Grammy said...

I shiver; hidden deep in my den. With blankets and dreams of spring.
Hi Wendy I love your writing. I am trying to look at winter differently. I know we need it. But burr. I have relapsed to what I had around Christmas time. I am freezing or hot. And staying awake is getting harder. I can not wait for spring.

Tammie Lee said...

Yes winter is different for everyone, and every winter is different. I am doing both this year... curling up in my wee cabin and looking to the skies and being enlivened by the flakes. Always in respect and awareness of the power of winter.

wonderful writing.

Renee said...

Lovely Wendy.

Yes, unfortunately the stats on the women are true.

Love Renee xoxo