Saturday, May 23, 2009

Faeries in bloom...

Mid-spring and the weather is warm. Time for the Lilac Faeries to bloom. I don't know how they know, but just as the birds know when to migrate, the Lilac Faeries know it's time to bloom.
They emerge from the lilac blossoms as tiny as tiny can be.
And gently sip lilac nectar from lavender coloured blooms.

But only for a few days. Just when the time is right. Or birds (especially hummingbirds) will sip all the magic nectar and the Lilac Faerie will not grow. She will not bloom, but fade away, until next year.

The bees understand. They are her best friends, for if she becomes sleepy and forgets to drink, their gentle humming will awaken her.

Teeny, tiny green inchworms, slide over to watch. They encourage the lilac blooms to open wide, so Lilac Faerie can reach up to drink.

She grows and she grows.
And when her wings emerge and become glossy, she flies away.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tai Chi

Sacred movement, sacred breath.
Whisper in the Wind.
Centered in your being. Balanced in body, mind and soul.
Peace and Harmony. Breathe in Chi. Breathe out clouds. Let the Sacred Breath carry Chi - your life force - throughout your body.
Sway with the wind. Glide with the birds. Slowly reach for the Stars. Let the soles of your feet feel centered and safe, rooted to Mother Earth.

Wind Rolling the Lotus Leaves, gently ruffling my hair as I yield to its softness. I am standing under a Plum Tree practicing Tai Chi when a Tiger jumps out to Embrace me. Centered in my being I gently smile and watch as he Returns to his Mountain.

As the Wind Sweeps the Plum Blossoms all over my head, I can't help but breathe in their sweet fragrance. Sacred breath, calm relaxing, peaceful. I breathe in sacred Chi. Chi, life force to nourish my being. In the distance I glimpse a magnificent White Crane Spreading its Wings in preparation for flight. A feeling of joy spreads throughout my body, watching this display of total freedom and joie-de-vivre.

A curious monkey pokes its head through the tree branches to stare at me upside down. Rooted in the soft Earth, balanced in body, mind and spirit, I gently and slowly Repulse this cheeky little Monkey.

The sun is setting signalling the end of a perfect day. Birds fly into the Forest on their way home. Hearing a throaty roar, I swiftly turn around in fright, only to find a friendly Lion Shaking Its Head. He too is preparing to go back to his lair for the night.

Before I start my trek back home, I give thanks to the Tree that offered me shade, the Earth for supporting me, the Air so I may breathe, the Sun for its warmth and love and the River lazily snaking its way through the Magic Forest.

That night asleep under the Stars, I dream of Wild Horses Leaping the Ravine in fear, as Snakes Creep Down to Stick out their Tongues. A large White Tiger Hugged his Head with Laughter - nervous horses afraid of snakes! How silly - don't they know you can't outrun Eternal Change?

I wrote this about 10 years ago when I first began studying Tai Chi. I was drawn to the energetic component of the Tai Chi form. Not a dance, nor an exercise, Tai Chi is like a meditation in motion.

Creating a story from the moves, helped me to incorporate the philosophy of this ancient practice into my energy field.

Snake Creeps Down, Repulse Monkey, Lion Shakes Its Head, Wild Horse Leaps the Ravine, are just some of many, many Tai Chi moves. I have capitalized the names within my story for those unfamiliar with Tai Chi.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Sitting on the sand at the beach in Florida, I looked up from under this palm tree.

What a different perspective this is.
Usually, you see the palm tree in its entirety. Strong and full, its fronds waving majestically in the ocean air. A symbol if the tropics. Vacation time. A lazy time of life. Warmth. Courage. Sustenance (for those who are shipwrecked and can climb up to pick coconuts).

Through the leaves of this magnificent and versatile tree, a hot tropical sun shines through. Warming. Caressing.

I've come back from my vacation with a different perspective on Life. I needed the break. I needed to re-set my inner vision. From sad, stressed and depressed to happy, joyful, full-of-good-energy.

Looking up to the sun. Up through the leaves (green leaves are a symbol of life and hope). A much better place to be.
My soul is soothed.