Friday, May 8, 2009


Sitting on the sand at the beach in Florida, I looked up from under this palm tree.

What a different perspective this is.
Usually, you see the palm tree in its entirety. Strong and full, its fronds waving majestically in the ocean air. A symbol if the tropics. Vacation time. A lazy time of life. Warmth. Courage. Sustenance (for those who are shipwrecked and can climb up to pick coconuts).

Through the leaves of this magnificent and versatile tree, a hot tropical sun shines through. Warming. Caressing.

I've come back from my vacation with a different perspective on Life. I needed the break. I needed to re-set my inner vision. From sad, stressed and depressed to happy, joyful, full-of-good-energy.

Looking up to the sun. Up through the leaves (green leaves are a symbol of life and hope). A much better place to be.
My soul is soothed.


Deborah said...

Beautiful photo! Beautiful words! Sending you strength on the wings of angels. **blows kisses** Deborah

Renee said...

I am happy for you sweet friend.

Beautiful picture.


love Renee

Grammy said...

That is just awesome. I am so happy for you. Big hug. You light is shinning through.

Beth Niquette said...

Lovely photo, beautiful perspective, wonderful rest. Thank you so much for sharing

KeKe said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! You deserve it!! There is nothng like sunshine to soothe a distressed heart and soul~

Miss Sandra said...

Welcome back. Lovely photo and even lovelier meaning behind it. No matter how bleak and hopeless life may seem at times, the sun will continue to shine your way into greener, happier days.
May the sun shine upon you always and the moon light your way through the dark times.

Dreamwriter said...

Gorgeous photo! Glad you are feeling great!