Thursday, October 1, 2009

Geese flying over the moon

(pic compliments of the net)

Last night, after supper, I decided to go for a short walk. Our weather had been rainy and cloudy for the past couple of days, so I didn't really expect to see the moon. Waxing gibbous is where She is right now. Full splendor on October 4th - actually tomorrow!

Coming around the circle, and up a short hill (o.k. upward slope in the road), I looked up and saw a hazy, cloudy sky. There was a little patch in between the clouds that looked as if it were lit from behind by Our Mother Moon.

How pretty, I thought to myself. I guess that's as good as I'm going to get this evening. Just a haze and a bit of gentle light illuminating the soggy clouds from behind.

Continuing to stretch my legs and breathe in the fresh air, I walked on. Acorns crunched underfoot. All was dark. Streetlights are far and few between, here in the country, but lights shone from some houses as I passed by. Some people leave only one lamp burning in the window, as if to welcome passers by. Others have lights shining in every room.

Squabbling voices pierced the night air, interrupting the soft silence. Hmmm, somebody must be having a party, I thought. Strange that the noise level would reach the street. Our properties are large and unless doors and windows are open, you can't really hear anything that goes on inside the houses.

Squabbling turned into squawking and instantly I understood. Geese! Of course! Canada geese flying South for the winter! Quickly I scanned the dark skies trying hard to figure out where they were. How could I possibly see any movement in a dark night sky? Well I tried anyway and saw nothing.

The Moon however, chose this time to show off. Clouds yielded; hung back for a bit allowing Mother Moon to shine. Not brightly or clearly, but with an ethereal glow.

Waiting and watching, I stood rooted to the spot.

"Come on, geese - where are you?" I called into the darkness.

Honk! honk! honk....growing fainter now.

Oh well, time to go. Turning away, I started back home. On an impulse, I took one last look over my shoulder. And then I saw them! Two or three at first, flying one behind the other, silhouetted against the light of the almost-full Moon.

And then there were zillions! Wings flapping, long necks reaching as if to plant a goosey kiss on Mother Moon before flying away on their journey. I was in awe! Never have I seen geese flying over the moon before. Thought it was the stuff of story-books.

As the honking grew softer and more distant, I silently wished them farewell.

Have a good trip and enjoy the warm sunny Winter. See you in the Spring.

Had I not given in to that little tug at my shoulder nudging me to turn back at just the right time, I would have missed this magical moment.

I wonder what message the Universe is sending me?


Grammy said...

It tells me to fly south too. I so wish I could. I love the story you shared. I felt as if I were there walking with you. Have you tried your camera on night shots yet. I am not good at this . I do not know which setting to get the photos right.

Wendy said...

Hi Grammy, alright - we'll both head south - wouldn't that be fun?? No, I haven't tried night shots yet. Think I'll stick with day shots for quite a while more.

Anonymous said...

Flying south may be revisiting old haunting grounds, meaning retreating into the dream world. Autumn and the Harvest Moon is a time to collect ripened fruit and vegetables in preperation for winter. Take the acorns, the fruit that you have watched grow to ripen, and store them for digestion for the winter. Contemplate what you have planted into the world and how it is now manifested its self into creation. Hold onto the created until fully digested for the winter. Then let it go after the lesson has been learned and reintegrated its self into being. Then the canvas or field is blank again and you can start sowing seeds again in the spring. Create Magic and then set it free.

You can see clearly in the dark because you yourself are bright.

miss*R said...

oh wow! what an amazing thing to happen. Not something I see, ever.

but I know how special it is when something crosses your path like that.. I remember when I was on the back of the bike last summer, riding through the state of Victoria, along the coast.. just as I looked out to sea, a dolphin surfaced! it was soul inspiring.

Q said...

You had a most magical moment!
Being part of migration is always amazing. The Full Harvest Moon was an incredible moon this year. Bernie has the idea! Gathering the acorns and letting them mature....being part of the rhythms of the earth and sky....I would hold tight to this experience...draw and paint and remember it....than I would let it go.....perhaps you could create a ritual for Solstice.
Thank you for sharing this magical moment. It is always a wise woman who follows her inner knowing and those nudges.
It is the Season of the Ancients.
I am thankful for you.

Beth Niquette said...

Some times something beyond ourselves causes us to listen--if we don't--we miss a lot.

Beautfully written.

Hilary said...

Wow, what a beautiful gift. A magical moment indeed! Thankfully you responded to that tug. Both you and those geese on your nighttime journey.. both returning to the safety and warmth of your homes.

Thanks for your visit to my blog.. I think I'm going to like it here. :)

Laurie said...

How wonderful. The Autumn moon is so magickal. Seeing the geese must have been an awe inspiring experience.
Glad I found your blog!

Arija said...

I have just become acquainted with Deborah and scrolling down the blogs she follows, was intrigued to see someone else still spelling faeries in a believable way.
I am glad that like you, I heeded the tap on my shoulder and came to investigate.
What a delight it is when the Universe does that to simply give one a wonderful present and a reminder to keep our senses alert for the smallest nudge.
Thank you for sharing the wonder of your experience.