Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Opening the Portal...

A hush settled over the faerie gathering.

All activity slowed and grew silent.

"What's happening?" ventured the Young Faerie.
"Hush," admonished the Elder. "Do not stir the energies."

The Young Faerie closed her mouth and watched.
Nothing happened.
She grew restless, wanting to move. A frown from Elder stilled her movements once more.

And then she heard it. Faintly at first. A soft tinkling like tiny silver faerie bells. A shiver of sound. One by one the faeries lifted their faces towards this beautiful music. One by one each face was illuminated.... glowing..... as if lighting a room full of candles.

A soft vibration, a shimmer, rippled through the group.
It is Time Now.
Lift your voices in song.
Spread your wings in flight.
Surround this Beautiful Soul with Love as we guide him into the Afterlife.


Beth Niquette said...

Oh! That is beautiful! I have a porthole in my garden, you know. It's up in the trees. (grin)

mxtodis123 said...

Oh, that is beautiful. I so miss my garden; it was such a magical place, a place of peace and comfort. And that picture. So lovely.

Q said...

I am stirred so deeply....to hear ones song so sweetly....You have found grace and peace.

Kimmy said...

Wendy. I love a place where I can go to hide from this world. I am right there, awaiting the portal. Thank you for inviting me in. Kimmy