Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have heard from a book publisher!
They want to publish my book!!!

Yippeeeeee - I am over the moon!!!

I started writing Reading Between The Lines about 15 years ago. Put it down, picked it up, life happened, etc. etc. Send it off to a publisher 9 years ago. Got rejected. Sent it off to another one. Same story. Gave up.

Over the past year, I'd begun looking at publishers once again.
Well, yesterday, I got the good news! It will take time.
My book will come out in about a year and a half.
But the process has begun!
I am sooooooo happy!!

I started writing articles on palmistry for The Journal of Alternative Therapies, here in Montreal. I wrote some more for Everchanging Magazine in Burlington, Vermont. After a while, I decided to put all these articles together into a book. It did not sound right, so I did a lot of editing, and changing. I grew along with the book.

This is a healing book; a book of my experiences reading people and helping them along their pathway.
Will keep everyone posted.


Anonymous said...

Wow--that is so fantastic! Congratulations! And it sounds like something I'd love to read, too. Someday I hope to write a book myself (I have 2 ideas currently germinating...)

I hope you find a wonderful way to celebrate this special achievement!

LoveCompanion said...

Congratulations Wendy! ;) It is certainly exciting to see the firstfruits of the journey!

I can relate to what you shared here so much:

[It did not sound right, so I did a lot of editing, and changing. I grew along with the book.]

this is where I am at also with revising my manuscript, hopefully for the last time. I do feel better about it now after the setback. I am also realizing that nothing is ever wasted in the process. I will use some of the old content for beautiful workshop draft ideas ;) this brought me recent comfort ;) I hope that you'll stop by to read some of those in the next 10 weeks! ;)

blessings to you on this sacred journey,

The Dutchess said...

YEEE,this is wonderful...Congrats!!!

Beth Niquette said...


I had to write to tell you that I laughed and laughed over your poison oak story!!! (giggle)

That is just hilarious...


Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I am so VERY happy for you!
This is wonderful news. I shall be looking forward to reading your book. Congratulations.

hummer said...

Awesome! Congratulations!
My daughters aspire to writing. Let us know when it comes out!