Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A New Chapter: Across the miles....

.....over the bridges, through the tunnels, around the lake, under the lake, behind the rock, into the clouds. Whirling, swirling, transitioning through the realms. Wondering what's on the Other Side. What happens in the Afterlife?

There is an Afterlife. I have no doubt. This is my belief, my experience. You may not agree with me. But that's what makes life interesting.

David has given me signs from the Other Side. From pens lying in the grass to the quiet stillness of a butterfly; a song on our anniversary, a heart in the clouds; a gentle shaking of our bed, an airy kiss on my cheek; a cardinal chirping out a special message just for me. I feel his love and encouragement every day. I draw cards every morning and most often pick the Love card from my Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realm deck (created by Sasha St.John).  There is another deck I use too, called The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks. This card came up a lot after David died:

"I am Life Everlasting; I am an Eternal Being." And on the flip side:
"You cannot die, you are everlasting life. In grace you may choose to relax and allow your gentle transition back into your Nonphysical state of Pure Positive Energy (your natural state is Foreverness.)" 

I love that card. It gives me hope and reinforces my belief that David's spirit is just on the Other Side, not too far. It's just over the rainbow.

But what's it like on the Other Side? What do they "do"?  I don't think Spirits "do" anything. They are not human, so they must "be".  What is the purpose of their "being" in this place of spirit, this heavenly realm. Do they have assignments? Is their purpose to protect us human beings down here on Earth? To teach? Or to send out reams of wonderful Love and Light to all.

Hmmm, and another thought. What does David need from me? My love? He's got that. Prayers? He's got that too. What more can I give? And how can I know the answers to my questions?

This morning I thought I'd start with cards. That seems to be our most effective avenue of communication.
So with this question in mind I drew a card from my Well-Being deck. "What are you doing (or being) up in the Spiritual Realm?"
The card I pulled had a picture of a bird flying in the blue sky; her nest was in the foreground. Inside the nest were 3 blue eggs. "I'm not here to fix anything; I'm here for fun." And on the flip side: "You are not here to fix anything because nothing is broken, but everything is continually changing and expanding.  Release your struggle and seek joy and fun, and in doing so, you will align with the fantastic expanding rhythm of this Universe."

Okay - he's having fun! That's a good start. Now I know he's released his struggle (with lung disease), but what I needed to hear was that he left his body with joy. Not pain or fear, and is now aligned with the rhythm of the Universe. That has a ring of truth to it. So is this the beginning of the story? Will I learn more in the coming weeks or years?

The next card I drew was from the Faerie deck.  On it was a picture of a maternal-looking faerie sitting in a chair made of tree branches, her feet on the roots. In her hand she holds a glowing egg (hmmm, more eggs. Eggs represent birth, a new beginning). The word underneath the picture is Nurturing. The meaning "It is an incredible gift to use your energy to support and nurture others. Take nothing from those you are serving and expect nothing in return. You will actually receive more grace and energy than you give."

Nurturing, what a kind and gentle vibration that is. Is he being Nurtured? Or is he doing the Nurturing? Or does it matter? Perhaps he is experiencing both.

I feel good about drawing these cards. I like the messages. So when it feels right, I will ask David about his experience in this new realm, and see if a pattern emerges.
"He's gone to a Better Place," people say. Is it?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

In The Light

A shadow of joy flickered; it is me.
I told you I wouldn't leave
My memories, my thoughts are imbedded deep in your heart.
I still love you.
Do not for one moment think that you have been abandoned.
I am in the Light.
In the corner, in the hall, the car, the yard ~ these are the places I stay with you.
My spirit rises every time you pray for me, but my energy comes closer to you.
Love does not diminish; it grows stronger.
I am the feather that finds you in the yard,
the dimmed light that grows brighter in your mind,
I place our memories for you to see.
We lived in our special way,
a way that now has its focus changed.
I still crave your understanding
and long for the many words of prayer
and good fortune for my soul.
I am in the Light.
As you struggle to adjust without me,
I watch silently.
Sometimes I summon up all the strength of my new world
to make you notice me.
Impressed by your grief,
I try to impress my love deeper into your consciousness.
As you should, I call out to the Heavens for help.
You should know that the fountain of youth does exist.
My soul is now healthy.
Your love sends me new found energy.
I am adjusting to this new world.
I am with you and I am in the Light.
Please don't feel bad that you can't see me.
I am with you wherever you go.
I protect you, just as you protected me so many times.
Talk to me and somehow I will find a way to answer you.
Mother, Father, son or daughter, it makes no difference.
Brother, sister, lover, husband or wife, it makes no difference.
Whatever our connection ~ friend or even foe ~ I see you with my new eyes.
I am learning to help wherever you are, wherever I am needed.
This can be done because I am in the Light.
When you feel despair, reach out to me. I will come.
My love for you truly does transcend from Heaven to Earth.
Finish your life with the enthusiasm and zest that you had
when we were together in the physical sense.
You owe this to me, but more importantly,
you owe it to yourself.
Life continues for both of us.
I am with you because I love you
and I am in the Light.
-- Author Unknown

Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome Home, Son...

Thanks Dad. It's good to see you. It's been so long!

I know, I know. I was called away too soon by Earth's time. I'm sorry to have left you when you were in medical school, but I was needed here. Your Mother carried on for both of us.

Oh, David, my firstborn. Come let me look at you.

Mom! I've missed you!

I've been waiting for you; to help you adjust. Look over here, your grandmother wants to welcome you too.

Hi Granny! I've missed you too.

Hello David. My, you look just like you did when you were a little boy. Haven't changed a bit. But you know that from now on, you will be feeling younger and lighter as time goes on. Not Earth time, of course...

Well, I do feel much lighter. I can fly. And I can breathe......

Son, what's that light down there?

Aww, Dad......Wendy's grieving. She's lit a candle and placed it under the oak tree. Grandfather Oak she calls it. The candle is to guide me towards the light, but I didn't think I needed any help. The Light was so strong on its own.

Ah, David. Don't you know? Every prayer, every thought, every candle or light sent your way sends loving energy with it. Energy that you need to transform into your new being.
Wendy needs signs to show her that the two of you haven't lost your connection. She needs to know you are in a harmonious and peaceful place.
And you need her love and energy to guide you gently and smoothly, along your new path.
You have a lot to learn....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Opening the Portal...

A hush settled over the faerie gathering.

All activity slowed and grew silent.

"What's happening?" ventured the Young Faerie.
"Hush," admonished the Elder. "Do not stir the energies."

The Young Faerie closed her mouth and watched.
Nothing happened.
She grew restless, wanting to move. A frown from Elder stilled her movements once more.

And then she heard it. Faintly at first. A soft tinkling like tiny silver faerie bells. A shiver of sound. One by one the faeries lifted their faces towards this beautiful music. One by one each face was illuminated.... glowing..... as if lighting a room full of candles.

A soft vibration, a shimmer, rippled through the group.
It is Time Now.
Lift your voices in song.
Spread your wings in flight.
Surround this Beautiful Soul with Love as we guide him into the Afterlife.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Soul Preparing to Leave....

The faeries are restless; a stirring of the Air; a gentle breeze.
A coming together of the villages.

A Soul is preparing to leave Earth.
Faeries gather around to assist.

They weave fine clothes, sewn with serenity, peace, and homecoming.

They sew gauzy wings, full of love, music, and swiftness.

What's going on, a young faerie asks?

A Soul is preparing to leave the Earth Plane and we must help.

Because this is what we do. Otherwise there would be no meeting of Worlds. The Humans would stay in their World and we would stay in ours. No Veil. No Crossings. Each World separate.

There was much movement in the Air. Faeries coming and going. Each one performing a function. Each one important in the Ceremony. Lots to do. An ebb and flow to the movement. Each one connected by the heart. Each one knowing just what was needed.

When? asks the young faerie.

We don't know.
Only the Great Spirit knows the answer to this.

We just prepare.
We just do what we are guided to do.

But what if the Human is not ready?
Ahhhh, then we wait.
And sometimes we leave that Human alone for a while and go on to someone else.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The faeries had a party last night......

.....and sprinkled powdered sugar over everything.... Oh, they are naughty.....Spring was here only yesterday....

Stone door is really an entrance to the Otherworld.....

Powdered sugar frosting the evergreens.....turning them into a delicious delicacy....

The skirt of this ancient oak tree is covered in white powdery icing sugar. I think the faeries overdid it this time, don't you?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have heard from a book publisher!
They want to publish my book!!!

Yippeeeeee - I am over the moon!!!

I started writing Reading Between The Lines about 15 years ago. Put it down, picked it up, life happened, etc. etc. Send it off to a publisher 9 years ago. Got rejected. Sent it off to another one. Same story. Gave up.

Over the past year, I'd begun looking at publishers once again.
Well, yesterday, I got the good news! It will take time.
My book will come out in about a year and a half.
But the process has begun!
I am sooooooo happy!!

I started writing articles on palmistry for The Journal of Alternative Therapies, here in Montreal. I wrote some more for Everchanging Magazine in Burlington, Vermont. After a while, I decided to put all these articles together into a book. It did not sound right, so I did a lot of editing, and changing. I grew along with the book.

This is a healing book; a book of my experiences reading people and helping them along their pathway.
Will keep everyone posted.